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How do you know if she is tired of the relationship?

How do you know if she is tired of the relationship

The relationship contains both love and hate elements at the same time. Arguments and fights are natural when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time; they can be minor or significant. Sometimes, the mere sight of your partner may drive you insane, and you want to lock yourself away indefinitely.

Almost every relationship eventually reaches a point where you are tired of each other and want to leave. It is normal to be unhappy in a relationship for some time, but if this continues and your girlfriend always prioritizes her friends over you or shows no interest in talking to you, this is a red flag. There may be numerous red flags, but you may often ignore them. This article will discuss 8 signs that your girlfriend/wife is fed up with the relationship.

1. Lack of physical Intimacy

Lack of physical Intimacy

Lack of intimacy refers to any physical contact, and the first thing to notice is that when a woman reduces physical intimacy, she has mentally checked out of the relationship. There is no turning back for her. Notably, sex is a way of expressing affection and desire for another person. If your girlfriend excuses not to be intimate with you, she is no longer comfortable with you. This can be due to a lack of emotional connection or sexual satisfaction. Lack of intimacy in general is one of the most obvious signs that she is dissatisfied with the relationship or has grown tired of it.

2. You feel unsure

You feel unsure

Have you ever been afraid of the concept of love and constantly questioned her feelings about you? When women fall out of love with you, may sometimes feel helpless and even frustrated. This constant feeling of uncertainty is your inner self speaking to you and showing you signs that she is no longer interested in feeling. Because when someone truly loves you, they will make you feel confident in the relationship and about themselves too. The root cause of relationship fatigue is uncertainty.

3. She is Picking fights

She is Picking fights

When you and your partner have constant disagreements, it can lead to resentment on both sides, and if this feeling persists, she may pick fights with you. Take cues from how you’ve been fighting; if you can’t take a few seconds to calm down, it could be a sign that the relationship is on the verge of dissolving. On the other hand, if there is no fighting, it signifies that both people in the relationship have grown tired of disagreeing and have stopped sharing things.

4. Prioritizing her friends over you

Prioritizing her friends over you

When a woman falls in love, she tries to strike a balance between her friends and her boyfriend/husband and sometimes even prioritizes the latter. But when she prioritizes her friends over you it can be a sign that she is not happy with you. She may like to share every event be it sad or happy with her friends rather than you. If your girlfriend begins to spend more time with her friends than with you, it is a sign that she is emotionally exhausted. Another sign would be that you have begun to rely on emotional safety and support from your friends. All of these indicate that neither of you is comfortable being vulnerable with each other.

5. She is bored

She is bored

Women becoming bored in relationships is more common than you might think. Does she prefer to stay home and watch an entire Stranger Things season rather than go on a date with you? Is she utterly silent at dinners, or has she stopped talking about your days? All of these are indications that she is no longer in love. You can act cold or distant in this situation because it’s a psychological fact that when we fear losing something, we want it more than anything else, and the same is true in this situation.

6. Lack of respect

Lack of respect

Respect is essential in any relationship, and this includes all aspects. She may demonstrate her disinterest in you by using abusive language, engaging in abusive behavior, or engaging in activities that are detrimental to the relationship. If this continues, you may end up doing things that she will not respect, and the cycle will continue until you both become frustrated. If you suspect your partner is cheating or if you don’t believe a word she says, and she isn’t even willing to confront you about it. Please don’t ignore these minor details because she has given up on the relationship and is unwilling to do anything about it.

7. I love you becomes hard to say

I love you becomes hard to say

Another sign is that she does not tell you she loves you or finds it difficult to say because she does not. She may even feel guilty when she tells you she loves you because she knows this is not the case. It will become apparent over time that even if she says “I love you,” it is not genuine. There is a significant difference between saying I love you from the heart and feeling and saying I love you for the sake of saying it. This indicates that she is fed up with you and your relationship.

8. Living in parallel universes

Living in parallel universes

Your lives as a couple must be intertwined in some way. However, if her life does not intersect with yours, it indicates that she is unhappy in this relationship. Even if you spend all your time together or have separate interests, you must feel your partner’s active presence in your life. Take this as an example: you must be aware of what she is up to or what she desires from her life; even minor details, such as what she has been doing throughout the day, are essential. However, if she doesn’t share anything with you and you feel you’re in different worlds, it’s a sign that she has mentally checked out of this relationship.


Finally, there are two possibilities: she is out of the relationship and ready to move on, or she is ready to build a stronger relationship. Whatever the case, the thing to do is confront her, ask her what she wants, and try to handle the situation appropriately. Being tired in a relationship is normal, and if you and your partner are willing to push through the fatigue, your relationship will be stronger than ever.



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