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The Influence of Pinterest Boards on Fashion Trends and Personal Style


Over time, fashion has evolved and set its foot across every sector. In the past decade, the industry has seen new names and interventions, from Balenciaga to Bonkers. As trends and styles change every few years, brands and companies try their best to fulfil their audience’s wants and desires. 

If you’re looking to upscale your wardrobe and support self-expression, one app that connects various creative minds and ideas is Pinterest. This app helps you decide your style and curate your looks to create a complete outfit, whatever the season, theme, or place. Let us explore how Pinterest made its name as the only stop for you to get your fashion ‘inspo’. 


emergence of pinterest

While Pinterest was already competing with a popular app, Tumblr, back in 2014, they were primarily associated with millennial interiors, wedding mood boards, home interior ideas, etc.  

When it started flourishing, its interface started amending according to the usage and perceptions of the users. Initially, the women’s fashion category left people feeling not inclusive and alone. You might have wanted items for yourself, not more high-end fashion items that you are fond of but don’t particularly fit your needs. 

The user interface started adapting to how most platforms work, passing Tumblr as the most popular visual styling app and setting a higher standard than others. Leaving traditions behind 

The power of Pinterest 

the power of pinterest
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Visual appeal 

Visual elements have garnered much attention in today’s era, especially when sharing images on the ‘gram, animations, etc. Likewise, Pinterest has become a dynamo in the industry, acting as the only visual inspiration for various aspects of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, tips and tricks, including seasonal looks, Halloween fits, Christmas decoration ideas, etc. This has helped people immensely with its user-friendly interface and vast images. 

With social media widening its scope of reach, Pinterest is adequately following other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat right behind. With little to no competition, Pinterest has harnessed the power to its advantage very well. The demographic has entirely changed from millennials to just pre-teens. 

Beauty comes in various sizes

Living in the 21st century, unrealistic standards have arisen regarding many things, especially body sizes and figures, but as we move forward, the Gen Z population has significantly helped in changing and diminishing stereotypes one by one. Similarly, with these changes, diversity and inclusivity have also raised priority to avoid discrimination and maintain transparency. 

You might find multiple tips about how to use Pinterest, and once you do, use them to find your personal style useful, too. I succeeded in using the search function to my advantage and basically found your people—all the stripes-wearing, big-shouldered, tall girls who loved to follow trends and who weren’t really interested in fitting into the club. You’ll be on cloud nine as, piece by piece, you can put together the puzzle of your own look. 

Your people can help you find new clothing styles and access new retailers and role models. Some women pushed the boundaries of what you want to achieve in a way you could never have imagined. And soon you will find a look that tells ‘me’. So very me. And what’s most important is the whole process should make you joyous rather than tired. That is when the most fun starts. Lots and lots of fun 

Peak Consumerism 

As engagement and reach grow, the tools and features have helped people effortlessly create and curate mood boards, save pins, etc. 

This has attracted the attention of many high-end luxurious brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc, as well as other conceptual stores to skyrocket their brand awareness and campaigns. Now, Pinterest wants to make its platform more shoppable, with links to buy or recommendations of similar products attached to pins. The aim is to boost Gen Z engagement further and prove the value of Pinterest across the purchase journey to brands. 

Impact of Pinterest on social media 

impact of pinterest

Rise of influencers and creators 

Globalisation has helped businesses and brands reach anywhere and everywhere, benefitting consumers to purchase top-quality products conveniently. Their messengers are mainly influencers and creators who help in public relations quite effectively between the audience and the brands. This new breed has evolved as a growing field of opportunities for monetisation and great experiences. The efforts and ideas help people gain loyalty and find ways to escape their comfort zone quickly.  

On Pinterest, personalism and relatability matter the most; hence, users’ saved images and collections can speak a lot about themselves. This helps attract the attention of today’s youth. 

Keeping up with trends 

While some like following, others like leading; therefore, only a few follow trends but instead become trendsetters. Being out of the box is what your audience might expect from most leaders. Once a trend starts, for example, parachute pants, you’ll see it on every scroll, but once the hype ends, you need a new alternative that raises the mark. 

Pinterest helps you view and stay updated with trends to level up your game, leaving no crumbs behind. Its algorithm analyses your search and clicks and then shows what you like the most, leaving you with a visual feast. This continuous cycle of discovery and inspiration helps you expand your horizons and cop the best looks into your closets. 

The future is now 

Future of Pinterest

Technology and its new ventures 

The future looks promising and transparent as the app continues to evolve and adapt to its audience’s preferences. This go-to app for fashion enthusiasts can make you feel calm while scrolling without criticism and demotivating appeals. It also provides a safe space to leave your thoughts behind and hop on to create your own altered reality. 

However, the platform is not resting on its mere accolades. Industry experts predict that Pinterest will further enlighten its recommendation algorithms, ensuring users are shown tailored content that aligns with their fashion preferences. This means that users can expect a more personalised and curated experience, with fashion inspiration that genuinely resonates with their unique style. 

Regarding the future, augmented reality and virtual reality are at their peak, so who knows? Pinterest and other platforms are on the verge of creating immersive and more engaging experiences for their audience, like trying on clothes virtually or even getting exclusive access to limited-edition collections through Pinterest. These endless possibilities are around the corner, so take advantage of the new and exciting opportunities Pinterest is about to bring you! 

Sustainability is the new fashion

 High-end brands and companies importing resources and exporting clothes in bulk have dramatically affected the earth at small but hefty costs. Many fear the tag of ‘outfit repeater’, but little do they know that is wrong. It is unethical to wear an outfit only once, but also economically, as the next day, it will land in the trash, which will, therefore, count as waste. 

The problem doesn’t end here. Although the industry is growing, bringing in fashion designers and virtual stylists at a peak, most fast-fashion company workers still fall victim to minimum wages and a harsh work environment, eventually leading to low and cheap quality products. 

Thrifting and renting are two ways of practising sustainable fashion as they not only help one achieve their dream look at an affordable price but are also one step ahead of others to contribute towards eco-friendly fashion. 

Key takeaway 

 Pinterest’s primary and unique aspect lies in its ability to bridge the gap between traditional fashion media and everyday consumers. Users can seek inspiration from high-end magazines and runway shows as well as everyday street fashion and personal style influencers. These liberal advancements in the field of fashion have empowered individuals to explore and express their personal style, leading to a more diverse and inclusive fashion scene.  


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