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Beyond the Perfect Feed: Shedding Light on the Mental Health Challenges Faced by Fashion Influencers

Fashion Influencer

This digital age has opened the door to multiple opportunities regarding social media. Most teenagers are now seen promoting or collaborating with brands and companies, earning them exposure and deliverables.

Post-pandemic, the craze over daily usage of social media has been addictive. It has developed new problems like anti-socialisation, high screen time, overdependence, etc. On a good note, many influencers have skyrocketed their careers via social media after being in the long run, whether India, the UK, the US, etc. This new medium has devised many job opportunities, primarily leading towards the creative side, such as content creation, social media management, digital marketing, campus ambassadors, etc.

Until the year 2024, mental health has made headlines as being everyone’s top priority, especially when it comes to men. After many defeating social implications in the past decade, we have come a long way. But when it comes to fashion, why is society yet to accept the changes and discard the ancient mentality as we move forward? Therefore, this blog will explore how mere comments affect a hardworking influencer’s mental health.

The new tool to earn a bag

The new tool to earn a bag

Your face is the actual case

The most renowned influencers of this era are the Kardashians, besides them being trendsetters for unrealistic body standards but also developing body dysmorphia for every viewer. High-end influencers like Kardashians have nothing but free time, and that is primarily how they earn by marketing themselves alongside pampering and treating themselves with expensive spa sessions, pretty manicures, and makeup rounds; ultimately, their face is earning them the bag.

These famous influencers spend almost all their generational wealth improving their bodies based on trends, forgetting that their young followers look up to them, and they cannot afford even a top-ranked manicure in town.

The newcomers to this industry hope to make money through content creation, but the reality is something else. The efforts and endless negotiations the creators make are nothing compared to the 15-second content they post.

Be honest, not reel

Sitting behind the screen scrolling, many people, especially the youth, aspire to be like the influencer they are stalking. But little do they know, beyond the perfect feed the creator maintains, they do not live the life they show outside. The ‘gram has blindsided everyone into perfecting everything they post. Everyone has become accustomed to finding flaws in everything and has begun editing and manipulating the most minuscule details to make it look ideal for the gram.

Destigmatizing is the new fashion

Destigmatizing is the new fashion

Evolution and revolution

Over the years, the fashion industry has overcome many changes, including trends, style, city, etc., but the primary intervention is the evolution of the fad. This has brought recognition to many new topics as well, such as the environmental concerns many materials initiate, culture preservation, etc.

Gender imbalance

Whilst men generally have it easier than women, in the fashion industry, men deserve the most backlash comparatively. Even in the 21st century, people, mainly the working population, still have an ancient perception about certain fashion areas and are the most prominent source of spreading hate and backhanded statements.

Confidence is the key

Confidence is the key

Men have always been associated with dominance and being the earning figure, which means fashion is not an option for men as it has always been based around the feminine. But today, males exceed the female population by 2%. The rise of male fashion designers has also been prominent in the past decade.

Despite this, many youngsters have decided to push forward confidently and not limit their creativity because of the usual stigma.

Centre of attraction

The internal struggles

The internal struggles

Many content creators have gone public about their internal struggles and how the internet takes a toll on their mental health. From comments to viral memes, many influencers have been the victim of internet trolling. While the usual advice is to not let the hate affect your growth, internally, these mere words can make any sane person overthink and develop disorders like anxiety, depression, etc., which can lead to extreme situations.

Criticism is only sometimes beneficial.

Criticism is only sometimes beneficial.

For many influencers with any number of followers, one crucial comment from one individual is enough to demotivate them to continue their routine. Many celebs uphold their reputation and personalities in everyone’s eyes, even if they face daily challenges. For example, the current hot topic Urfi Javed has made news with her absurd topics, but that does not justify the fact that she deserves extreme hate as her style is subjective to everyone.

On the other hand, many people benefit from this ‘Negative marketing’ as it increases their reach and engagement, giving them unlimited exposure just by verbal awareness.

Relatability and inclusivity

Relatability and inclusivity

Add to cart has been everyone is go-to option these days, as everyone has hopped on the online shopping feature, but not many know the side effects mere clothing pieces can have on one’s thinking.

Starting from the sizes, everyone prefers going for the smaller numbers to fit into the ‘zero figure’ club. This can lead to several concerns like eating disorders, anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, etc.

Therefore, why have many plus-size fashionistas come ahead and explain that ‘Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The rise of honest fashion influencers has also gained popularity to encourage every style matter and how everyone’s style is uniquely creative.

Mental health for views

Mental health for views

Mental health has been a topic of interest online for good reasons, and the fad of gaining attention and sympathy cannot go unnoticed. If the term ‘woke’ goes, many people have associated the broadcasting of mental health and its challenges with it. While many organizations and inspiring individuals have collaborated to be open to outsiders, it also shows how they market themselves, proving the ‘woke’ phenomenon right.

How can digital fashion be beneficial?

How can digital fashion be beneficial?

The rise of virtual stylists

The 15-second videos can positively boost someone’s creativity and make one pursue the career of ‘virtual stylist,’ which mainly refers to creating a safe and open space for individuals eager to explore outside their comfort zone.

Connect with like-minded people.

Finding and bonding with people with the same interests is a challenge today, but fashion can act as a catalyst to create communities with the same likes and dislikes.

Kindness costs nothing

Creating awareness of specific issues can also make people aware of therapy for their own betterment and individual growth.


The fashion industry is ever-changing as it evolves every year, although there has been a creative block since many past fashion eras are making it in return, like the 80s polka dots and 90s denim trends. Although many influencers and creators’ profit from it, their challenges must also be understood.

While every coin has a second side, there is also an undiscovered side to this phenomenon. As these celebs go public, they also contribute to the unintentional buzzword of unrealistic standards and stereotypes. So, it is always better to fact-check and know you are not falling for an emotional trap.

Remember, even these creators are individuals with the same feelings and emotions we go through, so before you have any bad intentions toward them, put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel receiving these hateful and ruthless comments.


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