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Five Causes Why Your Relationship Has Lost Spark  


Phases in relationships are typical. However, this does not imply that relationships should become dull or lifeless after the early honeymoon period when we are experiencing the physiological high of love. If there’s no longer a spark in your relationship, you should examine it honestly to see whether something needs to change. Relationships nowadays end sooner than they used to because life gets in the way, and couples are more inclined to take each other for granted.

Even with those fabulous sentiments at the beginning of a relationship, time passes, and you can find yourself wondering what happened to your passion for your spouse when you wake up one morning. Like so many other relationships, you could feel like yours has started to lose its charm. There are several reasons why a relationship can have lost its spark, or in long-term marriages, you might be fooling yourself that your wife no longer loves you.

You may not feel it in part because it is normal for your relationship’s feelings to vary as it develops and evolves. You might start to feel less nervous as you get to know the other person and feel more at ease with them. When they become a routine aspect of your life, you no longer get as delighted when their name is spoken. To you, they become commonplace. Even though they play a major role in your life, your relationship is no longer something brand-new and thrilling. Here are a few causes of relationships that eventually lose their spark and suggestions for rekindling them:

1. You’re not being completely honest to your partner

You're not being completely honest to your partner

Allowing someone to penetrate you and reciprocating it in kind emotionally is the essence of genuine connection. Your relationship will suffer if you withhold information from your partner and spare them your most intimate details by telling white lies—or outright lies, even when you mean well. Absolute honesty is bravery. To honor who you are and make your requests known, you lay all of your cards on the table.

Have you ever noticed that you can’t keep your hands off your lover after having a genuine chat with them? Allow your spouse to see you. Both of you. Even if it worries you, be honest.

2. You don’t put sex foremost

You don't put sex foremost

You may harness the enormous potential of sexual energy to increase your relationship’s physical, emotional, and spiritual vigor. Your relationship will probably suffer if one or both parties aren’t satisfied with their shared sexual life. Whether it’s because there isn’t enough sex, there is too much pressure, or it’s simply not the kind of sex you desire. Whatever that means to each of you, having a sexual life together that is mutually enjoyable is crucial to fostering warmth, a spark, and a sense of aliveness in your relationship.

Consider your bedroom as your retreat where you may unwind and recharge. As with any other aspect of your development, such as nutrition, health, or fitness, commit to improving your sexual life. Make time for sex if you two don’t often engage in it on the spur of the moment. If the sex you’re experiencing isn’t fantastic for one or both of you, consider how you may boost your sexual chemistry by discovering what makes you tick individually.

3. You don’t spend enough time together

You don't spend enough time together

It would help if you still had time and space to pursue the things that nourish you as individuals, even when you are a couple. Your lover will find you less appealing if you aren’t being honest with yourself. It can be simple to put your more profound wants aside for the sake of your relationship, yet fulfilling your deeper needs will make you feel deeply fulfilled. You reinvigorate your relationship by reintroducing that juiciness. Erotic tension is produced by a delicate balancing act between proximity and separation.

A strong relationship depends on being able to spend time together, not the least of which is the opportunity it provides for communication. The most important thing is that we have the chance to interact effectively with one another, whether we go for a quick coffee run or a lengthy stroll. That doesn’t mean that every time we spend that elusive quality time together, we have to have “serious” conversations. However, taking a moment to chat about our days or ask each other for their thoughts on a topic can significantly impact the quality of our relationship. Along with catching up, spending time together allows us to do things we love, create memories, and rediscover our love.

4. You accept the concept that things will get worse after two years

You accept the concept that things will get worse after two years

There is a myth that there is a romantic drop-off where you stop being sexually or romantically engaged to each other after a few months or a few years. According to studies, however, the relationships where the couple initially believed that passion usually wanes after a while are the ones where it does. Truthfully, the only thing that usually changes after a few years is the amount of work put into the relationship.

For the first few years, we prioritized our new relationship. We tend to it. We scheduled it. We pay less attention once that feels secure. But by deciding to do it, you can continue to feel that intensity and desire.

5. You’ve started to grow apart

You've started to grow apart

Many claim that they cannot envision remaining married to the same person for the rest of their life, but if you and your partner are constantly evolving and learning, you will always be different. So, you haven’t been married for 30 years to the same person. It is essential to recognize when both partners have obligations that draw them in different directions, and it can be simple for couples to drift apart over time. These factors can start to diverge people’s paths without them being aware of it, frequently to the point where they feel estranged from one another. There are actions you can do to repair your connection if you feel like you and your spouse are drifting away or if you want to feel closer to them.

However, you will undoubtedly be married to the same person if you are dedicated to staying the same and not evolving in your life. The novelty of the new may constantly be recreated. You and your spouse are discovering new things about one another as you develop and progress as individuals. This keeps you enthralled by the constantly changing person in front of you.


It’s time to address the issue once you are aware of it. Together, choose a solution. Therefore, don’t consider what to do when the spark has vanished. Start improving your relationship.


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