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10 reasons why having a good relationship is important

10 reasons why having a good relationship is important

Sometimes, it feels like no matter how hard you try to make your relationship work, it just won’t stick. If this sounds familiar, it might be that your relationship lacks one of the essential things of all — love. Learning to show your partner that you love them can help get your relationship back on track and head in the right direction. Here are ten reasons why having a good relationship is important and ways to strengthen your relationship by showing love for each other.

1) A healthy relationship improves your life

A healthy relationship improves your life

A good relationship makes you happier. Studies have shown that people in happy relationships are more satisfied with their lives overall than people who are single or in unhappy relationships.

Healthy relationships are the ideal foundation for a healthy lifestyle in general. If your partner, friends, or other family members advocate for healthy eating, exercise, quitting smoking, etc., you are likely to do the same. When you are around others practicing healthy behaviors, it is much simpler to adopt them yourself. They will share recipes, ideas, and tips with you on living better. They will also encourage when times get tough. People in good relationships also experience less stress and anxiety, improving their mental and physical health.

2) It helps you to be fulfilled in life

It helps you to be fulfilled in life

A happy relationship can also be an excellent source of fulfillment. Having this person in your life will give meaning to the mundane tasks of daily living and help you achieve those things that help anchor you through the busyness and chaos of your daily schedule. This is especially true for busy people. In today’s world, there is always something we have to go beyond ourselves, whether it is setting priorities for our families, friends, or colleagues, or some reason, we feel we need to always have something on our plate. Having a partner can help make these obligations work better by providing a balance between your various commitments and responsibilities.

3) You will be happier with yourself

You will be happier with yourself

Your partner is an essential factor in your overall satisfaction with life. When you have a happy relationship, you are more likely to have a happier outlook on life. A partner’s love and support can help you through the hard things in life and celebrate the good times with you.

Having a happy relationship makes it much easier to have good relationships with other people. Whether it is family, friends, or even colleagues, having that particular person in your life can strengthen your other relationships.

4) It is a source of comfort in times of strife

It is a source of comfort in times of strife

A happy relationship can help provide a great deal of comfort when times are difficult. In these situations, when you feel lost and otherwise overwhelmed, your partner can be there to help support you through these troubled times. Having that one person who has your back in the challenging moments helps you may also do things better and persevere through the tough times.

5) Feel valued

Feel valued

A good relationship gives you a feeling that you are important and valued. When your partner is there for you, this will be a feeling that is reinforced every day. As time passes and the good things from the relationship are shared, this feeling of value can increase self-esteem, making it easier to have other positive relationships in your life.

6) It helps you cope with work overload

It helps you cope with work overload

A good relationship can be the source of peace and comfort that you need when other responsibilities or stress in your life overwhelm you. When you are faced with a situation with too much to do, having someone who cares about what is happening in your life can help make it easier to cope and deal with difficult circumstances.

 7) It can help you get a promotion at work

It can help you get a promotion at work

Having a good relationship can help you achieve your career goals and advance your career. More importantly, it will make you feel better about your work and the hours required to get the job done. Additionally, if your partner has a lot of talent or expertise in some area that can benefit your career, having that person in your life will help provide access to opportunities and contacts that might not have been available to you otherwise.

8) Companionship can be found in a healthy relationship

Companionship can be found in a healthy relationship

In times of difficulty, work or other commitments may require you to seek practical help from others. For example, you may need to find a place to rent, financial planning advice, or help with a health issue. If you don’t have solid support in your life, things like these can seem overwhelming and make it difficult to take necessary actions. Having someone supportive and dependable can be helpful in these instances as they will provide practical advice and emotional support.

9) It provides an escape from loneliness

It provides an escape from loneliness

Many people feel lonely when they are not in a relationship. We all need some time to ourselves to relax and unwind from the demands of our daily lives. Unfortunately, too many people do not have someone in their lives to express these needs or desires. Having a healthy social relationship with others can provide a great source of relief for many people.

10) Heal quicker and better if you get sick

Heal quicker and better if you get sick

Studies have shown that people in a satisfying relationship fare better when fighting off an illness and recover from it faster. In one such study, one group of patients was asked to discuss their relationships with their spouses or partners for 10 minutes a day for two weeks after getting out of the hospital. The other group did not talk about their relationships at all. Those who discussed their relationships recovered more quickly and suffered less severe symptoms than those who did not discuss their relationships.


The previous discussion concludes that a happy relationship can be a tremendous asset to your life. It can improve your health, give you more fulfillment, and confidence and help you achieve important goals in life. Having a healthy, happy relationship is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life.




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